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Recording of CROEM presentation about climate impacts on Puerto Rico. 


The slides from the above presentation from CROEM can be found here. Thanks, Javiely!

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About CROEM 

CROEM is magnet boarding high school (9-12) specialized in science and math in Mayagúez, western Puerto Rico.  We have students from different towns all over Puerto Rico.

Our Environmental Science course begins with an overview of the history of the Earth, its structure, changes and geological evolution.  We examine the importance of our natural resources and their availability, as well as biogeochemical cycles, our ecosystems and their interactions with other terrestrial systems (hydrosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, biosphere). 

In our course, we will analyze and evaluate the effects of human activity on Earth such as: global climate change, acid rain, environmental pollution (water, soil, air) to propose technological solutions that mitigate current and future impacts.  

Students will also be able to explain the historical development of environmental education and how to maintain and recover the well-being of our planet Earth.

Springfield Renaissance es una escuela pública EL Education que forma parte de las Escuelas Públicas de Springfield. Abrimos nuestras puertas en 2006 a los grados sexto y noveno, y hoy servimos a estudiantes de sexto a duodécimo grado. 

Nuestra "Expedición de Aprendizaje Sobre el Clima" es una unidad de dos meses que se reúne todos los días. Incluye dos clases que suman 30 alumnos. Empezamos hace dos semanas, así que todavía somos nuevos en esto.

Nuestros estudiantes están aprendiendo ciencias climáticas, explorando un bosque y realizando observaciones de campo, y creando proyectos de activismo climático para que nuestros líderes actúen más rápidamente.

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Talking Climate

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Sharing Student Work from CROEM

Día del Planeta Tierra

Día del Planeta Tierra

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Ciencias Ambientales

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Ciencias Ambientales

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Ciencias Ambientales

Puerto Rico y el Cambio Climático

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