Reducing Waste

The Plastics Problem

Essential Question: How can we mitigate plastic pollution at Renaissance? We don’t have a clear system for how to properly recycle in our school building. We don’t have the proper materials (bins, liquids buckets, signage) to support recycling, particularly in our cafeteria.  Students and staff don’t know and/or care enough about the plastic issue to care about recycling. Students and staff don’t know what to recycle or how to recycle properly. The custodians need to be communicated with so they are aware of our plan and can support us in properly sorting and disposing of the recycling that we provide. 

Barriers & Solutions

Contamination of recycling bins

Ignorance of the need for recycling

Custodians don’t always come around with recycling bins

No recycling bins in cafeteria

Not enforcing recycling

4 Full-Day Expedition Days.

Our four full-day model for a student environmental campaign is worth exploring for other civic action projects. 

Copy of The Plastic Problem Expedition Spring 2023 - Photos and Videos

Day 1: Kickoff, sustainability visioning and brainstorming. .

5.0.0 Expedition Kickoff Slides
5.8.23 Brainstorming solutions to our recycling barriers at Ren

Day 2: School Tour: Exploration, Data Gathering and Analysis


Above: video of all collected materials, sorted and counted, analyzed for recyclability.  Also on the 5/8 day slides: research on global patterns.

Day 3: Brainstorming Solutions

5.9.23 Narrowing in on a solution

Day 4: Planning our presentation to district leadership & Marriott. 

5.10.23 Planning our Presentations