Climate Crisis: Science, Projects, Mitigation & Adaptation

Slides and lessons from a partnership between Springfield Renaissance (Grade 8, 2022) and Mass Audubon.
Funded by the Massachusetts Culture Council  STARS Residency program.

Climate Science Unit

Climate Crisis Unit Matrix

Climate System Science

Climate Change Projections

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Climate Change Adaptation

Learning Targets List

The targets covered by the Science section of our Climate unit (Carbon Cycle, Projections, Mitigation & Adaptation) below are LT 2, LT 5, LT 6 & LT 7. 

LT 2: Climate Science

Understanding the Carbon Cycle, and the difference between Weather and Climate.

LT 5: Projections

Understanding what changes are happening, likely or possible on a global and regional scale, depending on mitigation levels.

LT 6: Mitigation

Using the bathtub model to apply what we know about natural and human systems to identify ways to slow down climate change. 

LT 7.1: Adaptation

Understanding how climate impacts are affecting and will impact  vulnerable populations. Finding steps to help survive, the challenges to taking those steps.

Science Materials

At left are slides and lesson plans, with occasional supplemental materials linked both, for about 20 lessons on climate science that kicked off our 2022-23 unit with 8th graders, covering the Carbon Cycle, climate projections, mitigation strategies and adaptation strategies.

We balanced the science work with trips to Abbey Brook Park, a local preserve where students could connect to the natural world and begin to consider human impacts and projections. 

Partway through we added interactions with climate justice partners from Puerto Rico, and then youth climate activists from the Massachusetts Youth Climate Coalition and our local Youth Climate Action Now. 


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