Youth Climate Action and State-Level Legislative Change

Learning Targets: Engaging in Climate Action

This series of lessons drew upon three strands:

Through these connections, our students were ready for visits and lessons from regional and state youth climate activists

Youth Climate Action

Do students have a role to play?

Have students affected change before?

What youth groups are organizing now in our region and across MA?

LT 3: Personal Connections to Nature and Neighborhoods

Exploring an urban watershed preserve and surrounding neighborhoods to connect to natural and built habitats, and noting how wealth disparities are reflected in tree cover, green space, and other neighborhood differences in climate resilience.

LT 4: Climate Justice Partners: Springfield and Puerto Rico

Connecting across the climate justice divide with classroom partners helped our students, many of whom have Puerto Rican ancestry,  appreciate the experience of those who remain in a US territory with a history of colonial exploitation, environmental injustice, and increasing vulnerability is responding  to hurricanes and other climate impacts.  

LT 7.2: Civic Action with the Youth Climate Action Network

Appreciating how we can all change how our leaders address the crisis beyond the ballot box, and what young people across the world and around here are doing.   Fellow student Anabel Lopez is a member of the Youth Climate Action Network, and is joined by founder Ollie Mae Perrault for a class presentation, discussions, and climate action visions.


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